Coconuts and Cardamom – Foods Infused with Passion and Love from All Around the Globe

We are Coconuts and Cardamom, But  Who ARE We?

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Food is more than something that gets the job done. It is a friend… maybe a lover… it is a comfort, it is a culture and it is to be respected, maybe abused at times, used as an intoxicating distraction from life’s bumps, and it is to be indulged in any and all forms. It is up to you if it’s going to be in solitude or shared!

We are “lovers” of food. We are “in love” with the process of creating food, presenting it, and of course devouring the stuff! Both of us are young moms with the realization that we are going to be cooking a long long time, so, why not be awesome at it… right? And it’s true, people love good food! I once learned in a chemistry class that the way to one’s heart is this: delicious food enters the mouth, travels all over the tongue, and rays of positive chemical explosions are shot out from there making your entire body and heart full with tantalizing pleasures… maybe don’t quote me on that, but we are pretty sure that’s how it works.

The recipes you will find here have been all “certified” and “qualified” by the most important kind of taste test team which includes the sophisticated pallets of our oh-so-opinionated-but-surprising-easily-pleased husbands, our youngens, large extended families, and our friends- all so you can be completely confident that you will be putting smiles on faces when you are creating the same dishes in your kitchen!

Right now we live on the North Shore of Hawaii about a stones throw away from each other. Our husbands attend a small private University that represents students from over 70 countries, which gives us unique exposure to foods from all over the globe. We are in a local cooking group that gives these varied cultures a chance to share  and teach dishes from their homelands. Rest assured we will be sharing those special gems with you as well!

We know that you’ll love what you find here! We also know life gets busy and you don’t always have loads of time to spare while preparing your dishes and we respect that! We know exactly what that is all about with the busyness of our own little growing families! We will be posting core-cooking tips, recipes that are do-able, affordable, mouth-watering, some healthy, some sinful, some sophisticated and unique, others cultural, some Plane Jane and simple, and most all family friendly!

Both of us have gluten allergies and dairy allergies (read our stories here and here), but our husbands do not! In fact, one husband is a bodybuilding food-inhaler from Montreal Canada, while the other is an avid surfer, restaurant owner who knows his food. This makes it all the more fun to prepare meals that both please our hungry men but meets the dietary needs of ourselves while making sure our young ones get in some healthy bites.

So if you are ready, hop on board with our crazy lives and lets make some delicious food together!

We’d love to know what you interested in, hear suggestions, and answer any burning questions you may have, so please feel free to leave as many comments as you would like.

Looking forward to knowing you more,