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What is Coconuts & Cardamom?

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I was born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada until I was 18 years old when I moved to Hawaii and I have been stuck on this island ever since!

It was always a fantasy of mine to move here but coming from the middle of nowhere I thought it would probably never happen. I would walk to school with snow banks over my head on the side of the road and look up at the sun with the thought, wow that is the same sun in Hawaii… That was so cool to know that!

My dad instilled a little hope in my 12 year old heart one day by letting me in on a little secret… He told me, you know if you get good enough grades and save your pennies maybe you could go to school there one day! I remember saving every dime, never going to the movies, or even buying shoes or a winter jacket. I just piled on the sweaters and tripled up on the socks! Who knows where this determination came from but I will tell you one thing; nothing but good has come from following my heart.

Six months after moving to Hawaii I fell in love, and when I say fell…I fell hard! Less than two weeks later he proposed and we were engaged- 3 months later we were wed! He is my best friend, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect man for me!

We have a little 3 year old wild boy who keeps us on our toes, and there are more of those to come…hopefully…in due time! Love you Tama!

I graduated with a BA in TESOL. TESOL stands for  Teaching English as a Second Language, which is an international degree and therefore has given me an opportunity to travel and teach in other countries such as Korea, Italy and France.

But you know what, my passion has always lived in cooking. As a little girl my mom let me experiment with chocolate, marshmallows, and sometimes peanut butter!

When I was old enough to read, all I wanted to look at and read was cooking books. For some reason I thought it was cool to know what spices complimented what…the chemistry behind baking soda and stuff like that… I was a weird kid!

I had the type of mom that had a Mill & Mix Wheat Grinder  in the basement.; one that shook so hard we were scared to go down stairs when it was on. She is an old school Prairie girl who values hard work and tradition. She was teaching us kids the basics of cooking before Kindergarten. Maybe that’s where the dream started…

My fantasy has always been to be a FoodNetwork Star, but I know the likelihood of that happening is about as hard as it would be to swim to Maui.

I believe in doing what makes you happy and following your intuitions! I love to cook and bake and create, and so this blog is an outlet for me. It is a chance to be creative and share some dang good recipes.


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