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Want to read Tawny’s Gluten Free Story?

My name is Tawny.

My favorite game I used to play while growing up in Utah was what I called “Sticky Stacky Stew.”  I’d gather the multitudes of patient stuffed animals as my audience members and perform my best cooking demos. Sometimes these demos took place with imaginary food, or the tid-bits I’d sneak from Mom’s kitchen, but it was best when I went outside and found everything under the sun–bugs, berries, grass, the works– then threw in some mud and water… voila! There you have it: Sitcky-stacky-stew. Kids all have their rehearsed answer to the all important question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I knew my answer: “I wanna be a TV Cooker Person!”

Fortunately I’ve moved beyond mud pies and my pallet has grown some too. After high school I wasted no time and began fulfilling my literal-life-long dream of travelling and understanding other cultures. Living for segments of time in France, California, Alaska, & Hawaii, and extensively visiting more wonderful places like Peru, the Amazon, Spain, Italy, and Montreal.  All across the globe, it became clear that food and the tradition connected to sharing meals is an integral part of culture. Some of my best memories are times spent in the kitchen with new friends learning their tricks, whether it be the grandmothers in Bordeaux with genuine French advice or the little Amazonian guide teaching me how to prepare my catch of the day, a piranha.  My appreciation of food grew even stronger.

Fast forward a couple of years and I find myself in Hawaii married to the man I thought didn’t and couldn’t exist because I can only dream up someone so amazing.  But here he is, and here we are, with two intriguingly beautiful little girls, Teya and Eden. Did I mention that it was my Best Friend in all the world who introduced us, and he is also her brother?! Needless to say I really like my in-laws and now I owe my best-friend-turned-sister-in-law big time. My husband, hailing from Montreal, Canada, is a foodie in the sense that he needs to eat a lot to support his body-building hobby and a busy University schedule. I repeat - a lot?

It was out here on this beautiful island that Andrea and I became neighbors and friends. It was also here, not so long ago, that I learned it’s time for me to give up on gluten, eggs, soy, peanuts, and others.  With Andrea as my guide I’m getting the hang of this new lifestyle, but I’m determined to still enjoy the yumminess and down right satisfactory elements of good food!

This site is where I can finally “be a cooker person,” just not on TV. But I’m doing it together with a dear friend and the support of a big family so I think I like this version. A lot.  As Andrea said, let’s make some “dang good recipes!”

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