Fois Gras My Burger Please!

What is Fois Gras? Well, how can I best describe it… it is a smooth, rich, buttery indulgent delicacy that everyone must try in their life time-and that is about all you need to know.  A thin dollop will turn a dish from good to mind blowing in an instant. It isn’t a pretty thing, and it actually comes in a simple can, but don’t let that fool you, and don’t worry, the price will remind you of its novelty.

I will never forget the first time I tried it. I looked at it and thought, hmmm, no thanks, but gave it a try anyways and basically fell off my chair. All you need is a tiny spread and it will turn anything from good to ‘oh my gosh, what in the world is this’ incredible.

The Mr. Fois Gras Burger…

fois gras best hamburger ever, France, Bordeaux

The Mrs. Fois Gras Burger…

Fois Gras Hamburger, France, bordeaux burgers

So the reason I bring up Fois Gras is because Shem and I have been slightly obsessing over finding a good burger these days. I guess being away from home can bring out certain cravings, and for my husband, this one was just not budging. Basically we gave ourselves the project of discovering a ‘Great Hamburger’ in Bordeaux. Hamburger joints are starting to pop up as of recently and so we were curious of the French’s interpretation of an American Burger. Let’s just say… the fries are always good…. Click here to Read More

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Gateau au Chocolat Fondant de Nathalie aka BEST Chocolate Cake EVER

Gateau au Chocolat Fondant de Nathalie, best chocolate cake in the world, french chocolate cake
 What do you get when a oooey gooey  and perfectly chewy chocolate brownie makes sweet passionate love to a moist and rich chocolate cake?  This baby right here. Her name: Le Gateau au Chocolat Fondant de Nathalie. I am telling you right now, there is NO chocolate cake in this WORLD that is better than this one. I dare you to challenge it.
If you look at any other blog that features this cake, they say the same thing.
This cake is from its own planet and if finding this recipe is the only thing we leave with from France- well, it has all been worth it!
And get this, the original recipe can easily and unnoticably be transformed into a completely gluten free item because this cake only has a tablespoon of flour as is! Click here to Read More
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My Birth Story in France

Ira Hannemann

Well, this is my last morning in the Clinic where I gave birth, which means that this is probably my last moment to sit down and write for a while. I am not a good journal keeper to begin with and so I am happy that I am actually sitting down and doing it.

(one week prior- walking King Tama to school!)

I am really excited to tell you how the French System of delivering babies works and the experience of a French Clinic! It really is unique and such a treat to get to experience it first hand. I am telling you, it makes me want to have as many kids as I can before we leave! Shem, what do you think? Ha.  Before I get into the details of that, I thought I would take a moment to write about my birthing experience.

Click here to Read More

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A Few Things To See Around Bordeaux

Cap-ferret, Bordeaux, France

Well I have to say, I am liking France more and more as the days go on. I have always liked it but it is becoming a deeper richer like every day. First off, I am calling B.S. on the concept of ‘French people are cold,  or to themselves, or rude. I just have not seen it-not with a neighbor or any shop or place we have been. According to my experience thus far, it is the polar opposite. People are extremely genuine, nice people. Even the French say that most are like this but so far, no sign! Maybe its against the law to be mean to a pregnant lady in France… Click here to Read More

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Using Fine Food Specialists to Make the Holidays a Little Less Stress and A lot More Fun

Don’t you just love the holiday season? I know that most of us complain about cold weather, lots of snow or rain, but it really is a great time of year! There is always some grand holiday around the corner to prepare for and enjoy!

I know it can become a bit of a stressful time preparing everything, trying to make it as special as possible. I guess the trick is to know how to keep some sort of balance and really make the holidays a great experience for everyone… including yourself!

I know this took my mom yeeeeeears to get down! We now have it in our family where my mom is not allowed to plan meals or clean up anything-unless she wants to. All of us ‘kids’ and spouses plan, prepare and divide chores at holiday gatherings to take the load off my mom. Click here to Read More

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Marche des Quais: A Must Stop Market When In Bordeaux

Marche des Quais

Before I get into talking speficially about this market (Marche des Quais), know that there are a ton of really awesome markets every day of the week in Bordeaux, which usually feature something like local cuisine or fresh produce. The one that I buy all my fruits and veggies from is held on Saturday’s and is the best discovery ever, because I can get a weeks worth of fresh produce for 10-13 Euros! Its super cheap but super good! Thanks to a neighbor who introduced me to this, it  has saved us tons of money and its a great way for me to practice my French and get Tama involved with food a fun way! I will feature it one of these days.

Anyway, this has been a crazy week which I will probably share the details next week. In short, Shem had a surfing accident… was shipped to the hospital, scared himself and me to bits, has been in bed all week recovering, and I had my first doctors appointment for my pregnancy! There are a TON of differences on the ‘views’ of what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. It has been super interesting and some things, kind of shocking, and I am excited to share… that is… if you are interested?? Oh and BTW… Shem is doing good and getting better every day.. just sore.. nothing serious anymore- I secretly think he is loving getting breakfast and dinner in bed and being a complete bum! he he… just kidding… kind of…

But today I thought I would tell ya about a cool market that is a must if you are ever here…..

The Marche des Quais is a must if you are in Bordeaux on a Sunday; and come  hungry! Head down to the Quai des Chartrons along the river Garonne which is beautiful walk with the back drop of the cities 18 Century Buildings with gardens and many walking and bike paths throughout the walkway down the river. This is where everyone goes to take stroll, find a piece of grass and relax and do some people watching. It is absolutely beautiful and becoming one of my favorite places to visit daily!

The Marche des Quais is held every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You will find fresh produce of all kinds, fresh baked loafs of bread, gourmet cheeses, jams, pasteries, seafood, local cuisine such as massive crepes (savory or sweet), roasted chicken, seafood or beef shiskabobs, oven baked pizza, stuff tomatoes and mushrooms like you have never had before, morracon food, and I dare not forget the fresh oysters!! Which Shem says are absolutely amazing but I withheld due to being pregnant but don’t feel bad for me, there are so many great and interesting choices! We have gone a few times now and everything we have tried has been amazing!!

It really is a great place to spend an afternoon! The walk or bike ride is fun and relaxing, there are play grounds of different sorts along the way and a super impressive skate park for beginners to advanced split into sections.

Last time we went I took my camera so I will let the pictures do the talking! Just let me say, if you are into trying and seeing local cuisine this market will be your little haven!

marche des quais, bordeaux

marche des quais, bordeaux

marche des quais, bordeaux

A tout a l'heure

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Living In The South of France

Alooooha my friends!! Or should I say, Bonjour mes amis!! That is right, my little family and I have relocated from Hawaii to the South of France and I have so so much to share already! This is Coconuts and Cardamom’s 100th Post and to kick off our next 100 we are opening a new section dedicated to the in’s and out’s of France living, based off of my personal experience here.

I am going to touch on topics like, being pregnant in France, giving birth here, French health care system, why French woman are so chic and slim and their secrets, the food of course, where to visit, the local markets, having a child go to an all French school, French school lunch programs, cultural methods on raising children and newborns, Tama’s experience moving abroad, cultural differences and a whole lot more! Ask whatever you are curious about and I will do my best to respond.

I am going to start with a short  journal entry of why we are here. Every week I will post something new. That is… unless I go into labor, then I may miss a weeks or so… Click here to Read More

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Bio- K Plus- Do You Think About Probiotics?

I wanted to take the time and share with you something that my brother shared with me regarding a health product that he is loving-Bio-K Plus: a probiotic supplement. 

Bio-K Plus

I was talking to my brother the other day and he was sharing with me one of his many ‘discoveries’, which improve his life. He is all about finding what works, researching beyond a normal state of research to know what is good and bad for his body. This benefits me because basically he spends the time researching while I reap from the benefits of him telling me what to do and what not to do. Click here to Read More

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OFF to Frrrrrance! Pear Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad

Well, we are at the airport getting ready to board! Our new life is about to begin! Tama is so excited he could hardly sleep last night and waking up this morning it was the first thing on his mind! He has been such a sport and he the best traveler I could possible wish for! I guess we have talked up going to France, and going to school, and how there is soccer there and trains and really good ice cream and what not for the past 5 months that he is beyond excited! Hopefully it meets his expectations because I can hardly imagine what he has pictured in his little head :).  He does know that his birthday is there and Halloween will happen too so I guess that along with some ice cream is enough to please a kid!

Anyway, we can hardly believe that everything has finally worked out! Nothing…. and I mean pretty much nothing has worked out how we imagined but it has all worked out and probably in the end better than we could have planned. What lays ahead is a mystery but we have traded in our shorts, and t’s for boots and jackets so we are at least that prepared, ha! Click here to Read More

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Tomato Basil Feta Salad

Well, we are now in Utah, spending a week here with my family for my little brothers wedding!  We are way up in the mountains and there is hardly anyone up here and it feels amazing! Such a contrast from being in San Francisco for the past couple of days- which was constantly crazy.

Long story short, I went to San Francisco, by myself, for mine and Tamas French Visa three days ago and ended up getting stuck there for two days! I was suppose to fly in and out on the same day (back to Canada where Tama and Shem are) but when I went to the airport they would not let me board without my passport (the French Consulate takes your passport and then mails it back with the visa stamped in). So I get to the airport and they said there is no way I can fly home, even though I had all sort of other ID. Being a little pregnant emotional girl, I started crying and everything…and they still wouldn’t let me! Uhgg, so gut wrenching and stressful! Click here to Read More

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