Gougeres, aka Cheese Puff Pastries (GF)

I’ve been very reminiscent lately. Mainly on Bordeaux. With Andreea and her family moving there, my mind and my heart are frequently exploring all the memories I cherish from the time I also called that beautiful city home. I’m looking forward to hearing all about Andrea’s adventures and stories she will have over there, I think we ALL are. But until she settles into life and we can hear from her again, I’ll keep rambling on about my “back days” (the term my daughter uses to talk about the past). Everyone had a period in their life when they sort of “discover” themselves or “become who they are,” and for me it was Bordeaux…. (well, split that 50/50 with the summer before in the Peruvian Amazonian Rain-forest with the indigenous tribes, but thats another story.)

Gougeres, aka Cheese Puff Pastry

So once again I’m resurrecting some knock out recipes gathered from the good old days when I had a French grandmother looking over each one of my shoulders instructing me on the methods, history, and secret signatures of their favorites. Today we’re making something special to go with dinner: Gougères. (said goojer with your best French accent!) Click here to Read More

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Corn Bread Uber Healthy – GF

A typical gluten free diet is scarce in breaded goods. Extra effort has to be put into making anything baked/bready, and the insanity of a busy mom’s life doesn’t always allow for extra effort in the kitchen. However, there are some days where I just NEED something filling and bread-like, and usually I want this first thing in the morning to ensure I’ll be full for more than 30 minutes.

This is where I go back to my pioneer ancestry. Cornbread is an easy classic, and it’s an ancient type of bread. The Native Americans taught the pioneers how to meal corn into flour for baking. It used to be more dense and flat, but the core of the recipe is still the same. Never made with any yeast, wheat or gluten of any kind (when following tradition) cornbread has become my newest dearest lover.

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Apricot Loaf- GF

apricot loaf GF

I should know by now, but somehow in the moment it always feels so right… word of advice for any who has yet to experience this-when you are pregnant….never ever buy in bulk! I can’t count how many times I have walked through a grocery store and seen something that looks more appetizing then anything else, and so I buy a bunch thinking, “yes, I found something, I actually like right now”! Most of the time I can’t even wait until I am finished shopping to pop whatever that magic food of the moment is in my mouth. Almost always, if not every single time, after that I never want to see that food again. Pregnancy is the most bizarre thing as I am sure many of you can attest!

You may have noticed a lot of baking on my end and I apologize for the lack of diversity! I would love to show some cooking stuff but my spice cupboard is still a scary space. Every time I open it I face my nose in the opposite direction and breathe out trying to avoid any chance of inhaling  any type of scent as a grab what I need. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just being a big wuss? My hubby swears he can’t smell anything-but that is impossible…completely impossible! Normally I love cooking… probably more than baking, but my meals lately are as fancy and fun as take out and cereal. I hope to crossover to the cooking soon, but until then I will take care of your sweet tooth and baking needs :) Click here to Read More

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GF Apple Cake with Brandy Sauce and Versatile Blogger Award!

First of all, Tawny, Thank you for sharing your story.You are such an amazing person. The way you handle life’s bumps is done with such finesse and balance. From an outsider, it looks like you have it all- you are beautiful, you have a wonderful family, friends, your talented and you would never know that your life has anything but perfect in it- it is only because you handle the unexpected so positively, your prospective is so consistently clear and somehow you are so wise! You have seen a few dark days in your life and you have risen above everything and remained such a shining light. You are a wonderful example- I know you so well, and I can truly say you are genuine, and in every category purely amazing! – I admire you to the fullest.You melt my heart and I am so blessed to have you as a friend!! And I mention this on here because this is a girl you want to stick by! She is amazing, and she has so much to offer!


Second of all, before we jump into one of my most favorite gluten free, egg free, sugar free cakes in the world… Tawny and I would like to give a big thank you  to Heather from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes for nominating Tawny and I for the Versatile Blogger Award! Wooohoo! We are stoked and flattered to even be thought of, let alone awarded, so thank you, thank you!

We were asked to share 7 things about ourselves that you guys may not already know so here they are…. Tawny you are up first!


I use to compete in Tahitian Dance!

I lived just out side Bordeaux, France for a year to study the Language and his is now my dream destination to live and be!

I spent a summer in the Amazon doing volunteer work building houses.

My favorite drink is a green tea frappe from Starbucks

I love anything adventurous and am down for pretty much anything anytime.

My hair almost touches my butt right now.

I have been made fun of my whole life for unknowingly making up my own words!


I come from a family of 7 kids, and married into a family of 7 boys!

My husband and his family own a mom and pop + 7 boy restaurant on the North Shore, Hawaii- Kahuku Grill.

I drink hot chocolate most every day with cereal on top- a habit I never grew out of I suppose!

My BA is in teaching English as a second language, yet I don’t think I could learn a language my self  shhhhh…

I have taught English in Korea a couple of times, Hawaii, Canada, and Italy.

I am a dreamer, and I constantly look at airline tickets online and look for an excuse to plan a trip!

When I was in Elementary school I use to walk to school on top of the snow banks (in Saskatchewan) in the dead of winter, dreaming about Hawaii, looking at the sun thinking, “wow that is the same sun in Hawaii. And now I live and married here! –I believe in dreams! Click here to Read More

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Zucchini Carrot Bread, gluten free

As part of my recovery plan (the plan to help my body make back all the blood it lost) I’ve been overdosing on iron rich foods, ie: spinach, collard greens, red meat, black strap molasses, beans and beets.   Healthy? Yes.   Enjoyable? To a certain extent, Yes.   Becoming bland and redundant? Yes! Today my lunch was nothing more than a heaping pile of spinach with lightly pan seared red meat on top. Literally. Dry, no dressing. Blegh! Want to look at the nasty instagram photo I took of it to document my courage?

Not Recommended

I ate the whole lifeless bowl.

Roughly two and a half whole seconds after eating this masterpiece (HA!) I started day dreaming of wonderful, flavorful, soft bread. This dream bread should also be somewhat sweet, and moist… and maybe let’s throw in a couple veggies for good measure.

Zucchini carrot bread gluten free easy spices amazing Click here to Read More

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Blueberry Pound Cake Stuffed French Toast with Toasted Coconut and Blackberries

Blueberry pound cake stuffed with french toast

This is a heavenly indulgence! The berries, the cream cheese, the toasted coconut and fluffy whipped cream all being brought together by the light blueberry pound cake french toast is an out of this world experience and perfect to make for momma on mothers day!

You can buy pound cake or make your own! It’s up to you! Both ways will turn out insane! If you like something a little more chocolatey check out the Croissant French Toasted Stuffed with Nutella and Topped with Whipped Cream, Sliced Bananas and Toasted Coconut.

Here is the recipe for homemade Blueberry Pound Cake and everything else you will need. Click here to Read More

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Peggy’s Famous Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Gone Gluten Free

Momma Peggy’s Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with a Sweet Hazelnut Drizzle Gone Gluten Free… It really doesn’t get any better than this. Trust me, I have been around the ‘Gluten-less Bakery block’ and there is nothing-NOTHING that compares to this Banana Bread.

Do yourself a favor and make this right now.  It is easy to prepare and takes approx 50 minutes to bake. Your quality of life will increase when it is introduced to your mouth.

Put away your recipes books because this is what you want- unless you are the .000009 percent of people that don’t like banana’s- you can’t count!

Peggy is my mother in law who makes dozens of these a day (non-gluten free) for our family restaurant- Kahuku Grill, North Shore, Hawaii. She makes these in her sleep,  and saying she has mastered it- is an understatement!

The exact recipe she keeps secret but this gluten-free version is coming out public, for the very first time, right now. Thank you momma Peggy you sweet sweet Hazelnut Drizzled, Toasted Coconut Chip Banana Bread of a Lady!

North Shore, Laie, Oahu, Kahuku Grill, Gluten Free Recipes, Best Banana Bread in the world, Foodporn Click here to Read More

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