Fois Gras My Burger Please!

What is Fois Gras? Well, how can I best describe it… it is a smooth, rich, buttery indulgent delicacy that everyone must try in their life time-and that is about all you need to know.  A thin dollop will turn a dish from good to mind blowing in an instant. It isn’t a pretty thing, and it actually comes in a simple can, but don’t let that fool you, and don’t worry, the price will remind you of its novelty.

I will never forget the first time I tried it. I looked at it and thought, hmmm, no thanks, but gave it a try anyways and basically fell off my chair. All you need is a tiny spread and it will turn anything from good to ‘oh my gosh, what in the world is this’ incredible.

The Mr. Fois Gras Burger…

fois gras best hamburger ever, France, Bordeaux

The Mrs. Fois Gras Burger…

Fois Gras Hamburger, France, bordeaux burgers

So the reason I bring up Fois Gras is because Shem and I have been slightly obsessing over finding a good burger these days. I guess being away from home can bring out certain cravings, and for my husband, this one was just not budging. Basically we gave ourselves the project of discovering a ‘Great Hamburger’ in Bordeaux. Hamburger joints are starting to pop up as of recently and so we were curious of the French’s interpretation of an American Burger. Let’s just say… the fries are always good…. Click here to Read More

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sweet pork tacos with slaw and avocado

Okay, all I am going to say is that these are the easiest most delicious crock pot taco’s on the market! They are awesome. I have shared this recipe with all my friends and its one that gets used time and time again! I found it on the net a few years back and I thank the dear person who posted it… If only I could remember where that was!

This can feed a crowd for pennies, makes great left overs and is an all around winner on flavor, budget and time! I am in a whirl wind of things going on so throwing this meal together by plopping the ingredients in in the morn., and let the crock pot do its thing, made for a special, yet extremely easy dinner that night!

I can’t believe I am moving off this rock-permanently-ahhhh- in a couple of days!! I’m off to Canada for a couple weeks for a family visit before we are off to our new life in France! Life is full right now of a million little things that come along with any kind of move, and pregnancy and all that life has to offer!  I wonder if life will ever slow down. Does it? I have a feeling it wont for the next 20 years… Click here to Read More

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Chimichurri Lamb Chops with Garlic & Leek Wild Rice

chimichurri lamb chops and wild rice

I hope you like lamb, because I loooove and adore lamb. Lamb chops are not so gamey, so if you are not use to lamb- chops are a good way to go. And if you are just not into lamb at all, substitute any type of meat you like- ribs, steak, chicken or fish-it all works with this recipe! Lamb chops and the chimichurri sauce are quite simple to prepare and inexpensive, but incredibly special and delicious .

The chimichurri sauce is bursting with flavors and can be used as a salad dressing, drizzled over tomatoes or topped on fish, chicken or steak. Making extra and storing the rest in the fridge is a good way to go. Click here to Read More

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Garlic Herb Wet Rub Prime Rib with Red Wine Garlic and Shallot Au Jus

North Shore, Hawaii, Best Prime Rib Ever, Roast, FoodPorn, Recipe, Garlic

I feel the need to mention my other half, the one that fills the fibers of my heart, and makes it beat, one beat faster than it probably should- let me introduce my beautiful and most kind and loving husband…hmmm… I think I will give him a stand in name, because I know that I would stock him if I wasn’t married to the man!

All joking aside lets call him Tim Riggins- Riggins for short. If you don’t know who that is, you should probably Google that name right now. What happens to your heart is normal. Don’t feel bad about it! We just finished the series Friday Night Lights and I recommend it to all. It is sad to see it come to an end, but if Tim can live on a little longer, as my husband’s stunt man, then that is pretty exciting. Click here to Read More

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Roasted Easter Ham with a Maple Dijon Apricot Glaze

Without fail, everything in Hawaii is going to cost exorbitantly more than it would anywhere else on the mainland.  Milk is rarely less than $5 dollars, bread $7 a loaf, and when I buy butter I cry a little tear. Every time.  Food budgeting is a necessity, and that usually means monstrous cuts of meat don’t make on the grocery list. But come time for the holidays we do get thrown a bone from the government. With a few store “rewards points,” we were able to take home a 12+ lb bone-in ham roast for free. I don’t make a habit out of eating a lot of pork, but free food that’ll provide at least 7 different meals for my family? I’m not a fool, I couldn’t turn it down.

Now if I want this sucker to be versatile and provide a colorful array of meals for the next couple weeks, I needed to think this one through. What to cook it in? That was the question. I like maple  glazed ham, yep that’s good. Dijon ham, now there’s a spicy angle I’d like. But what about apricot glazed ham? Mm hm, can’t go wrong there. I’m the worst when thrown into the dilemma of choosing between lots of great options. Ask anyone I’ve been to a restaurant with; without fail I order last, always several minutes after the rest of the party and the waiter has returned too many times. At that point I feel the pressure bearing down and I just blurt out one of the choices in a panic and throw the menu at the confused server. It’s sad.

However, my kitchen means my rules, and I had a thought: what would happen if maple, dijon, and apricots all got together and had a love child? Click here to Read More

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