Pasta and Pizza

Zucchini and Goat Cheese Pizza, Gluten Free

My sister-slash-best-friend-in-all-the-world gave me a late birthday present last week. Have you ever received a late gift? I think they’re equally as exciting as “on time” gifts because it’s so unexpected and suddenly there you have another wonderful toy! She spied on my Pinterest board a book I’ve been dreaming about owning for eons, and with a little help from our ESP powers (yes, we’re so tight we claim to have ESP, mostly because we always know what the other is thinking or feeling even oceans apart) she gave me the year’s best gift. It’s the book Nature: Simple, Healthy, and Good  by Alain Ducasse. (here in English, here in French)

I’ll swoon very briefly: It’s been said that Alain Ducasse’s name has become synonymous with fine dining. Born and raised in southwestern France, he officially entered the world of food at age 16, and since then he has grown an empire to include 24 restaurants (that’s where I lost count), cooking schools, and cook books. He is the only chef in the Michelin Guide to hold three-star rankings in three different countries, and is also the only chef to hold 19 Michelin stars throughout his career. One of his best quotes, “Tasting a dish should be memorable… If nothing remains in the memory of a single guest, then I have made a mistake.”

This book is my new accessory. I like to see it in whatever room of the house I’m loafing around in, it goes with me on every grocery run, it stands guard on my night stand at night. It’s pure inspiration and motivation (can I add one more “tion” word here… Education). Click here to Read More

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