Fois Gras My Burger Please!

What is Fois Gras? Well, how can I best describe it… it is a smooth, rich, buttery indulgent delicacy that everyone must try in their life time-and that is about all you need to know.  A thin dollop will turn a dish from good to mind blowing in an instant. It isn’t a pretty thing, and it actually comes in a simple can, but don’t let that fool you, and don’t worry, the price will remind you of its novelty.

I will never forget the first time I tried it. I looked at it and thought, hmmm, no thanks, but gave it a try anyways and basically fell off my chair. All you need is a tiny spread and it will turn anything from good to ‘oh my gosh, what in the world is this’ incredible.

The Mr. Fois Gras Burger…

fois gras best hamburger ever, France, Bordeaux

The Mrs. Fois Gras Burger…

Fois Gras Hamburger, France, bordeaux burgers

So the reason I bring up Fois Gras is because Shem and I have been slightly obsessing over finding a good burger these days. I guess being away from home can bring out certain cravings, and for my husband, this one was just not budging. Basically we gave ourselves the project of discovering a ‘Great Hamburger’ in Bordeaux. Hamburger joints are starting to pop up as of recently and so we were curious of the French’s interpretation of an American Burger. Let’s just say… the fries are always good…. Click here to Read More

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The Great Croque Madame et Monsieur

I’d start by telling you a cool story about my life here in Salem, but I haven’t gathered any. I guess Thanksgiving was last week, that happened… with family in Utah. Hm, I’ll let Andrea to the story telling for the next little bit as she’s got the goods right now. So on to to this weeks drool fest:

Mr. Crunchy. That’s what it is, a “Croque Monsieur” literally means Mr. Crunchy… and although the name must extend from the bread used, the sandwich has enough sauce and cheese and goo to make any melted sandwich look weak in comparison.  The only difference between the Monsieur and the Madame is the soft fried egg on top — all these years, in my own mind, I distinguished the two by viewing the egg as a ladies hat (the massive rimmed sort worn to the Kentucky derby.) Come to find out, the resemblance of a large hat is exactly why it was dubbed the lady-wich.

Croque Madame Monsieur traditional french sandwich authentic recipe` Click here to Read More

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Feeding Kids: Get them to Eat a Veggie-Filled Sandwich

Today is a behind the scenes look at what daily lunch is like in the Catudal home. I get asked a lot how it is my girls readily eat anything I’ll put in front of them, from spinach to bell peppers, from spicy salsa to salmon. It all comes down to the main rule: “You have to at least TRY everything I put on your plate.”  Then I’ll repeatedly put the same thing on their plates, over and over that week, and by the end of the week they like the new food…  even if it starts with just one bite.

Feeding Kids: Get them to eat a veggie filled sandwich

Besides the main rule, there are things I’ll do to help the girls enjoy the meals as they get used to a diverse world of flavors. This go-to panini is my favorite quick, easy, and nutritious packed thing to give my girls these days. At first I was just making the sandwiches as I would for myself, but I found that it was difficult for my girls to get a good bite of the sandwich without large pieces of meat falling out, tomatoes slipping off, and avocados gooping out the back.  The solution was simple and it’s become my life-saver. At the end of lunch there isn’t a scrap of sandwich or vegetable left on their plates. No more wasted food (my pet-peeve)! Click here to Read More

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Pan Seared Ham Sandwich, Rosemary Bread, Brie and Watercress

Our ham roast was a big fella, well over 12 lbs, and with our small family we only made a tiny discernible dent in the quantity of meat on that bone! It looks like it’s going to be a left-over week for us. Monotony is my enemy, however, so it’s going to be a fun challenge to keep the creativity ham juices flowing and come up with a new take every day.

Day one of left-overs was simple, quick, and uncomplicated. A warm ham sandwich on a couple slices of the rosemary bread I had on hand. Remembering the ham was basted in a maple apricot Dijon glaze, I wanted to highlight the peppery aspect of the flavor combo. So I slathered on a bit more country Dijon to the slices of bread to mirror what was already there, topped with watercress that also carries a peppery undertone, and then to slice through it all and counter-balance the sangwich (we like to give a nod to our Italian friends from Montreal and call it a sangwich around our house)  a few generous slices of brie were placed right on top of the pan seared ham. A little bit of slow melting action was soon to ensue.

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