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Hawaiian Grinds / Local Eats

Grinds” is a word used for food in the Hawaiian Islands. Where we lived, on Oahu, we enjoy a great variety of dining experiences… but they’re not always easy to find!  They come in forms of little Superettes behind a gas station, a food truck parked on the side of the road in the trees, a new one room restaurant just opening on the far North Shore. We see it as our privilege to share with you all the greatest hot spots to eat here on Oahu! Along with our fave finds we share the recipes that are important to local cuisine and other tips on how to “Hawaiian-ize” your dish.

The Kahuku Grill – North Shore’s Best Eats                                                                        * Banana Cream Cloud with Nilla Pecan Crust

Butter Mochi – A Naturally Gluten Free Hawaiian Favorite Treat                                     *Hawaiian Carrot Cake – GF

One Love Surf Shop aka Kava Roots — Pupukea                                                             *Purple Storm Pina Colada

 Kahuku Superette- Voted Best Poke on the Island                                                       *Samoan Cocoa Rice Drink

Acai Bowls – Welcome to the Amazon!

Peggy’s Famous Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Gone Gluten Free

Coconut Mascarpone Panna Cotta, it’s been Hawaiianized!

raynor boards at the kahuku grill