Moroccan Harissa Sauce

I’m kind of addicted to spicy food lately. Look me up over a year ago and you’d find the wimp of wimps when it came to hot and spicy food. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the heat but I could barely handle it. At Thai or Mexican restaurants when they ask your spice preference on the scale of 1-10, I would ask for mine at a 3… and that’s just because my pride wouldn’t let me ask for a 1.

Harissa, North African Spicy Spread with Roasted Peppers

But something happened last year. My mouth was transformed into a superhuman mega mouth that literally couldn’t get enough heat! I had a new super power to add to the list of mom-super-powers I already have, “Lava Mouth.”  (My other Mom-super-powers? Well, as Teya believes, I have invisible eyes on the back of my head, and I can apparate.)  And it wasn’t just being able to handle the heat that changed, I craved it. No, I NEEDED it! At one point, I was personally going through an entire bottle of Chalulah sauce in a single day. Phil finally had to sit me down and “slow the flow,” so to say. My bottle-of-hot-sauce-a-day-habit wasn’t economical for our family. Click here to Read More

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Roasted Red Peppers Simplified

Roasted red peppers are everywhere in great cuisine. They are found in the traditional dishes of multiple cultures across the globe. Lately they can be spotted somewhere in a dish on most menus as the push to better health grows. Red peppers are wonderful in the raw, but roasting them gives another level of flavor as it seems to deepen the intensity of the pepper flavor but softens the bitter edge. Teya, my oldest, can’t handle them raw but loves them roasted.

Roasted Red Peppers Simplified simple easy recipe

Yet the more recipes I saw for roasting red peppers the more I began to wonder: why so complicated? Many of the instructions out there say to spread oil all over them first. There just seemed to be a lot of unnecessary steps thrown into the process. During my time in Europe, the way we roasted peppers was much simpler and easier.

Roast several at once so you can fill a jar to keep in the fridge for a week. You’ll find when you have them on hand, you’ll be throwing them on salads, in paninis, blended into sauces, on cold cut sandwiches, dice in your rice for dinner or rolled up with some cheese inside a chicken breast for a great surprise. The possibilities are literally endless, and if you have a fresh jar in your fridge those possibilities will actually happen. Click here to Read More

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Travel Inspired: Hawaiian Butter Mochi- Naturally Gluten Free

Butter Mochi-A Hawaiian Treat

Butter Mochi- A hawaiian treat

Hawaii has a lot of fascinating treats that you may not know about until you’ve ventured away from the traditional tourist destinations. Some of these specialties include Malasada’s, Musubi’s,  Manapua’s and the beloved Butter Mochi!

I love Butter Mochi! It is naturally gluten free, which makes me even more fond of this discovery. You can find this local treat everywhere around Hawaii. Lucky for us, my friend Rena, who is from here, has an awesome Butter Mochi Recipe that she is sharing with us today! Rena is an amazing cook/baker! Everything I have had of hers is fantastic, and so I will probably be posting some of her recipes in the future; like her shoyu chicken-mmm to die for!

Butter Mochi is a moist and spongy cake. Click here to Read More

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GF Apple Cake with Brandy Sauce and Versatile Blogger Award!

First of all, Tawny, Thank you for sharing your story.You are such an amazing person. The way you handle life’s bumps is done with such finesse and balance. From an outsider, it looks like you have it all- you are beautiful, you have a wonderful family, friends, your talented and you would never know that your life has anything but perfect in it- it is only because you handle the unexpected so positively, your prospective is so consistently clear and somehow you are so wise! You have seen a few dark days in your life and you have risen above everything and remained such a shining light. You are a wonderful example- I know you so well, and I can truly say you are genuine, and in every category purely amazing! – I admire you to the fullest.You melt my heart and I am so blessed to have you as a friend!! And I mention this on here because this is a girl you want to stick by! She is amazing, and she has so much to offer!


Second of all, before we jump into one of my most favorite gluten free, egg free, sugar free cakes in the world… Tawny and I would like to give a big thank you  to Heather from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes for nominating Tawny and I for the Versatile Blogger Award! Wooohoo! We are stoked and flattered to even be thought of, let alone awarded, so thank you, thank you!

We were asked to share 7 things about ourselves that you guys may not already know so here they are…. Tawny you are up first!


I use to compete in Tahitian Dance!

I lived just out side Bordeaux, France for a year to study the Language and his is now my dream destination to live and be!

I spent a summer in the Amazon doing volunteer work building houses.

My favorite drink is a green tea frappe from Starbucks

I love anything adventurous and am down for pretty much anything anytime.

My hair almost touches my butt right now.

I have been made fun of my whole life for unknowingly making up my own words!


I come from a family of 7 kids, and married into a family of 7 boys!

My husband and his family own a mom and pop + 7 boy restaurant on the North Shore, Hawaii- Kahuku Grill.

I drink hot chocolate most every day with cereal on top- a habit I never grew out of I suppose!

My BA is in teaching English as a second language, yet I don’t think I could learn a language my self  shhhhh…

I have taught English in Korea a couple of times, Hawaii, Canada, and Italy.

I am a dreamer, and I constantly look at airline tickets online and look for an excuse to plan a trip!

When I was in Elementary school I use to walk to school on top of the snow banks (in Saskatchewan) in the dead of winter, dreaming about Hawaii, looking at the sun thinking, “wow that is the same sun in Hawaii. And now I live and married here! –I believe in dreams! Click here to Read More

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Travel Inspired: Pakistan Mango Lassi

mango lassi cardamom yogurt drink cool refreshing healthy

My next door neighbor is the dream neighbor. Our front doors face each other just 10 feet apart. She’s always cooking an authentic dish that is savory and mouth watering from her homeland of Pakistan. Then she comes over with a massive plate of this food and feeds me and my girls. She feeds my baby Eden lunch many days from the extra lunch she’s prepared for her baby, (named Emily Eden and born just three weeks before my Eden). She is generous to the max, willing to share and give of anything in her home. She’s the world’s greatest mother, very attentive and loving, and as a result also a wonderful babysitter. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped off  my kids with her, sometimes at the last minute with no warning, so I could get some task accomplished.

mango lassi cardamom yogurt drink cool refreshing healthy Click here to Read More

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