Bio- K Plus- Do You Think About Probiotics?

I wanted to take the time and share with you something that my brother shared with me regarding a health product that he is loving-Bio-K Plus: a probiotic supplement. 

Bio-K Plus

I was talking to my brother the other day and he was sharing with me one of his many ‘discoveries’, which improve his life. He is all about finding what works, researching beyond a normal state of research to know what is good and bad for his body. This benefits me because basically he spends the time researching while I reap from the benefits of him telling me what to do and what not to do. Click here to Read More

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Gougeres, aka Cheese Puff Pastries (GF)

I’ve been very reminiscent lately. Mainly on Bordeaux. With Andreea and her family moving there, my mind and my heart are frequently exploring all the memories I cherish from the time I also called that beautiful city home. I’m looking forward to hearing all about Andrea’s adventures and stories she will have over there, I think we ALL are. But until she settles into life and we can hear from her again, I’ll keep rambling on about my “back days” (the term my daughter uses to talk about the past). Everyone had a period in their life when they sort of “discover” themselves or “become who they are,” and for me it was Bordeaux…. (well, split that 50/50 with the summer before in the Peruvian Amazonian Rain-forest with the indigenous tribes, but thats another story.)

Gougeres, aka Cheese Puff Pastry

So once again I’m resurrecting some knock out recipes gathered from the good old days when I had a French grandmother looking over each one of my shoulders instructing me on the methods, history, and secret signatures of their favorites. Today we’re making something special to go with dinner: Gougères. (said goojer with your best French accent!) Click here to Read More

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Chocolate Roulade with Blackberry & Lemon Zest Cream (GF)

Blackberry Chocolate Roulade

Let’s talk French. After all, Andrea is living up her first week in her new home of Bordeaux, France, so I think the occasion calls for it!

We’ve decided to raise our children with solely French in the home. But the trick is Teya, 6 yrs old, wasn’t introduced to intense French until Eden was born. Eden, on the other hand, has heard only French since the day she was born. I’ve been asked a lot WHY?! Why take it on when it’s not my mother tongue, when Teya would be starting from ground zero at 4 years old, when it’s “not useful in America” (as so many people have told me), and when it takes so much darned effort all day long???

Blackberry Chocolate Roulade

Let’s start with the number one reason: I’m passionate about language. If granted three wishes, the first would be fluency in every language of the world. Reason enough. But I also believe Click here to Read More

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Welcome Oregon and My New Lifesaver

Well I’m back. Not that I was greatly missed… Thank you Andrea for picking up the slack while we moved to Oregon, got situated, lost yet another SD card then grudgingly bought another one, got internet back up and running… All the dreary details that come with a big move! So far Oregon has been top notch in my book, but check back with me in a few months when the rain has been incessant for weeks on end. I don’t fear much (besides mannequins and messy eye brows) but forces that would prevent my girls and I from enjoying what the outside has to offer DOES scare me. We usually hit up two parks a day, am and pm runs… So if any of you are from Oregon or an equally rainy climate, please please offer me your life saving techniques for the wet months!

I’ll share with you today my new best friend that was introduced to me the first day here: baked oatmeal squares. You don’t favor oatmeal?! Keep reading because this is nothing like the traditional bowl Click here to Read More

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OFF to Frrrrrance! Pear Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad

Well, we are at the airport getting ready to board! Our new life is about to begin! Tama is so excited he could hardly sleep last night and waking up this morning it was the first thing on his mind! He has been such a sport and he the best traveler I could possible wish for! I guess we have talked up going to France, and going to school, and how there is soccer there and trains and really good ice cream and what not for the past 5 months that he is beyond excited! Hopefully it meets his expectations because I can hardly imagine what he has pictured in his little head :).  He does know that his birthday is there and Halloween will happen too so I guess that along with some ice cream is enough to please a kid!

Anyway, we can hardly believe that everything has finally worked out! Nothing…. and I mean pretty much nothing has worked out how we imagined but it has all worked out and probably in the end better than we could have planned. What lays ahead is a mystery but we have traded in our shorts, and t’s for boots and jackets so we are at least that prepared, ha! Click here to Read More

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