sweet pork tacos with slaw and avocado

Okay, all I am going to say is that these are the easiest most delicious crock pot taco’s on the market! They are awesome. I have shared this recipe with all my friends and its one that gets used time and time again! I found it on the net a few years back and I thank the dear person who posted it… If only I could remember where that was!

This can feed a crowd for pennies, makes great left overs and is an all around winner on flavor, budget and time! I am in a whirl wind of things going on so throwing this meal together by plopping the ingredients in in the morn., and let the crock pot do its thing, made for a special, yet extremely easy dinner that night!

I can’t believe I am moving off this rock-permanently-ahhhh- in a couple of days!! I’m off to Canada for a couple weeks for a family visit before we are off to our new life in France! Life is full right now of a million little things that come along with any kind of move, and pregnancy and all that life has to offer!  I wonder if life will ever slow down. Does it? I have a feeling it wont for the next 20 years… Click here to Read More

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Corn Bread Uber Healthy – GF

A typical gluten free diet is scarce in breaded goods. Extra effort has to be put into making anything baked/bready, and the insanity of a busy mom’s life doesn’t always allow for extra effort in the kitchen. However, there are some days where I just NEED something filling and bread-like, and usually I want this first thing in the morning to ensure I’ll be full for more than 30 minutes.

This is where I go back to my pioneer ancestry. Cornbread is an easy classic, and it’s an ancient type of bread. The Native Americans taught the pioneers how to meal corn into flour for baking. It used to be more dense and flat, but the core of the recipe is still the same. Never made with any yeast, wheat or gluten of any kind (when following tradition) cornbread has become my newest dearest lover.

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Turkish Spinach Yogurt Dip

Turkish Spinach Yogurt Dip

This is a great fresh dip that is so healthy and full of all sorts of nutrients. Not only is it healthy, but it is so tasty! This Turkish Spinach Dip is traditionally known as cacik. The base is yogurt (Greek yogurt works beautifully because of its thick creaminess) and mixture of garlic, spinach and a fresh herb symphony of dill, mint and parsley.

I love spinach dip but if I eat more than a pinch I am in trouble! I immediately feel a stomach ache coming on from all the cheese, and so to discover this awesome healthy version of a spinach dip is quite a treat! I could eat a full bowl of this without thinking twice! It is so good and you can feel good about eating it too!

This is good as a dip for vegetables, pita bread, chips or used as a spread for sandwiches or pitas! Click here to Read More

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Summer Vegetable Gratin

We’ve been away celebrating the 4th of July with the whole family. For unknown reasons, this is the first time in many many years I’ve enjoyed this holiday and felt a bit patriotic. Usually the 4th comes and goes without much fan-fair or break from the usual schedule for me. The last time I sat outside to watch fireworks in the sky was 4 years ago, and I was alone in a park on the mountain side contemplating the meaning of life when the fireworks just started going off. “Oh ya, it must be the 4th of July then…”  Those were my exact thoughts.

Uncle Cody hooking the fish, aka prizes, and Teya patiently waiting for one to bite.

But this year was different. First of all we’re spending the summer with family, and with the outrageous heat this country has been experiencing we decided it was necessary to spend the entire day playing in the water.  We set up all sorts of water games for the kids, they got to “Go Fishing” for a prize after each game, the family played old school backyard games together like “Mother May I?”, then we had a monumental feast of classic American cuisine and BBQ, sat around the firepit all night, did the firework thing, had a psychedelic moment with approximately 1 thousand glow sticks, and then finally camped out in the backyard.

Confession… the kids camped out and most of us adults just ended up migrating to our warm comfortable beds inside. We’ve gone soft! Follow all of that with a big breakfast shindig, more nights of games like “Ticket to Ride” and endless leftovers and it was the funnest and busiest 4th I’ve had… ever.

I dunno, not so much more American, but certainly more French!

I think part of it was to prove to Phil that I’m not fully nomadic in nature, that I do have some sense of connection to my roots. I had to show this Canadian husband what it means to be “Amrrrrcan!” And in full support, he attempted to embrace the Amrrrrrcan spirit by shaving his beard down to a mustache (he’s spent two years in Texas, at the heart of it all, and assumed a good ‘ol cowboy mustache would legitimize him.) Click here to Read More

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Apricot Loaf- GF

apricot loaf GF

I should know by now, but somehow in the moment it always feels so right… word of advice for any who has yet to experience this-when you are pregnant….never ever buy in bulk! I can’t count how many times I have walked through a grocery store and seen something that looks more appetizing then anything else, and so I buy a bunch thinking, “yes, I found something, I actually like right now”! Most of the time I can’t even wait until I am finished shopping to pop whatever that magic food of the moment is in my mouth. Almost always, if not every single time, after that I never want to see that food again. Pregnancy is the most bizarre thing as I am sure many of you can attest!

You may have noticed a lot of baking on my end and I apologize for the lack of diversity! I would love to show some cooking stuff but my spice cupboard is still a scary space. Every time I open it I face my nose in the opposite direction and breathe out trying to avoid any chance of inhaling  any type of scent as a grab what I need. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just being a big wuss? My hubby swears he can’t smell anything-but that is impossible…completely impossible! Normally I love cooking… probably more than baking, but my meals lately are as fancy and fun as take out and cereal. I hope to crossover to the cooking soon, but until then I will take care of your sweet tooth and baking needs :) Click here to Read More

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