Coconuts and Cardamom – Foods Infused with Passion and Love from All Around the Globe

Travel Inspired 

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Like most people, Andrea and I are inspired by a wide variety of elements. However, one angle clearly speaks deepest to our hearts and is in everything that we do.    Travel.     Culture, language, nature, and people from all over, it’s all fundamental to our style and tastes. It’s so much a passion that it’s been the  central driving force for both of us since we were barley old enough to cast-away from our parents homes and explore the world beyond. The love for culture and people that travel brings has taken us to different corners of the world, it has given us our education, and it’s even given us our families. Of course food and flavor is always the highlight of our escapades.

And it doesn’t end there.  C&C was created when we lived together on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. There we continued to dream and explore through every avenue possible. In the moments when we weren’t taking advantage of calling Hawaii our home, we soaked up information and inspiration from countries like France, Italy, Pakistan, Thailand, Tahiti, Ghana, Greece… the list goes on and on. Living in an international university setting, we had neighbors from each one of these locations (the small school of only 2,000 students boasts a representation of over 90 countries from around the globe!!). We studied with them all we could about their local cuisine, traditions, and flavors. It was great moment to learn! (*UPDATE*Andrea has since moved to Bordeaux, France with her family for her husband’s Masters Degree, and Tawny has since moved to Salem, Oregon with her family for the same reason, a Master’s Program. Good thing this blog keeps us connected still!)

Some of  Tawny’s strongest travel influences include: her time in  France where the grandmothers made a personal point of passing on their kitchen knowledge, her mother-in-law from London who never ceases to amaze, her husband’s homeland of Montreal which shines with a strong Eastern Mediterranean food scene, and her time spent in Peruvian Amazon that lends it’s own exotic flavors and methods.

Some of Andrea’s strongest travel influences include: her time she spent living in Italy where she learned from her host mother and grandmother, Andrea’s grandma is from Germany and has passed on strong food traditions (such as borche, bratwurs, homemade perogies filled with blueberries and cold plume soup), and she spent two summers in Korea which gave true insight into eastern favorites (kimchi, bibimabap, Bulgogi,korean bbq). Andrea’s husband lived in Tahiti for two years, and they’ve gone back together where unique homemade meals were prepared such as poison cru, steak frittes, coconuts crab, and tahitian style sashime.

All this to say we want to continually bring special dishes inspired by these exotic lands. These travel dishes represent the wonderful women who taught us. The dishes also feed the yearning inside our bellies that will never die to see these locations first hand and get to know them better.   We hope you enjoy the dream and the flavors as much as we do!



Photo Credits:  the amazon, france